Network of Practice for Building Data Culture

Building the V1 of the Data Playbook

We launched the Data Playbook (Beta) in 2018, and in 2021 we’ve been engaging the Red Cross/Red Crescent network in a series of events and sprints to learn how teams and training participants learn how to strengthen data pipelines to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian efforts. We aim to launch a V1 of the Data Playbook in December of 2021.

Help us identify needed exercises and curriculum that exists that we might not know about. We are also hoping you can tell us what we might be duplicating or complimenting with existing data literacy curriculum. So please bring your favourite participatory exercise.

To participate and contribute to this online discussion and get further details on the contents of The Data Playbook V1, please register. This discussion will take place on Tuesday, September 28th at 2pm UTC.

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