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Data Literacy September 2019 Check-In

Here’s the topics and resources shared during our online discussion that took place on September 24th, 2019

Engaging youth in data literacy 

So, now what …what to do after a workshop?

  • Workshop is one piece of the overall engagement, have a plan
  • Encourage storytelling, impact statements and inspiring resources to keep building eg. videos etc. 
  • HDX Center, will set up peer-peer groups, mentorship via online and webinars for common topics raised by participants
  • IFRC has online spaces to keep the conversation going in between workshops ( we use teams, slack, facebook, twitter and telegram)
  • IREX ran a “Data for Decision Makers” workshop with Tanzania’s ministry of health (more details here). They spent some time at the workshop’s end exploring ways to continue the learning remotely / online. Sounds like the Ministry of health has a remote/distance/online learning team as part of its Human resources department, and we’ll be looking at ways to leverage that to scale and sustain the workshop’s activities.

What does it mean in the big picture? 

Helpful Data Literacy Resources

What are helpful data literacy resources you’ve used recently ?

  • We had many conversations about data literacy and mapping at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Summit and State of the Map  (Heather, IFRC)

Here’s a good link of resources –

  • The Data Innovation Project has some really helpful resources for teaching youth about data literacy. They’re free for anyone to use. 

Please share any data literacy resources/upcoming events you’ve created recently

  • Bob Gradeck in Pittsburgh put together a set of slides for people I’ve been mentoring,they were interested in designing data literacy workshops within health departments – links to some activities that are easy to set-up are included on the slides. Also our Data 101 toolkit has paper-based activity .

 NNIP has a lot of materials on data literacy and training, including blog posts, guides, and more – the full list is here:

A lot of good insight also in this report:

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